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Mutual Benefit
Innovation is basic for our development and advanced equipments are necessary as well, which HC well knows. Therefore, even from the beginning of the company, HC has invested enthusiastically to promote its equipments. It now has set up many professional and advanced production lines. which has provided the precondition safeguard for production of quality products.

First-class equipments, scientific management, produce zero defect goods.

Manufacturing Staff
Thanks to our good reputation and location and advantage, Huitong has enough and stable workers, who skillfully master the relevant knowledge and skills, are very industrious, self-driving, and have full confidence to the future of company and themselves.

Seience and technology in the highest
Our Oxygen-free copper pole production line is the most advanced equipment in China. This equipment applies four colume frame design, with an unique automatical tracking system for up-and-down. Casting traction has equipped an world advanced AC servo driver system with Online Computer Automatic Monitoring and Frequency Control Automatic take-up. The casting column drag is ell designed. Both our equipment and technique are advanced. During the different prodution stages, from raw materials to ultimate products, our testing staff strictly sample and test according to our standard, ensuring good quality for our products.
Main Products: Bare brass wires, Enamel-insulated wire, Tinned wires, Non-oxygen brass wires, Stranded wires
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